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Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever count out the New England Patriots [x]

Time to decide the play of the game from Sunday’s game!

The options are:

1. Rob Gronkowski’s return.

2. Logan Ryan’s pick-six in the first quarter.

3. Julian Edelman’s punt return in the second quarter.

4. Chandler Jones’ sack in the third quarter.

Which do you think was the most important?

I feel like the refs wanted the jets to win. That was a bullshit call at the end if the game
─ Anonymous

Okay, I have tons of opinions on the game and those final few minutes, but I’m just going to say this: The Patriots were not at the top of their game some of the time and the Jets were able to capitalize on them. However, that penalty has never been used until today’s game.

Week 6: New York Jets - 30. New England Patriots - 27.


New England - 27. New York - 27.

Week 6: New England Patriots - 30. New Orleans Saints - 27.